3 Must-Have IDX Features for Your Real Estate Website search engine bar

3 Must-Have IDX Features for Your Real Estate Website

Real estate agents, pay attention to these IDX features.

Behind every successful real estate professional is a fully-functional, stylish, and user-friendly website equipped with the best IDX features. When potential clients check out your real estate website, they’re looking for something that is informative, interactive, and easy to navigate. Real estate agents shouldn’t forget that having the right IDX features can make your site appealing to every visitor. Don’t miss out some of these essential IDX features for your real estate website.

  • Universal search bar

Make sure that your site visitors can find what they’re looking for right away. With a universal search bar, homebuyers can easily find listings by area, address, or MLS ID. If you make your website easy to navigate and properties easy to find from the start, the higher the chance the visitor will stay on your site.

  • Eureka search

The Eureka search feature is a clickable map overview of the area that shows related listing details at the same time. This is an effective feature that provides visitors an accurate visual map of the real estate properties in the area, from the price range to the type of properties available.

  • Registration prompts

With engaging calls-to-action and registration prompts, you can capture your website visitors’ contact details effortlessly. You can even customize this feature’s settings so that you can acquire the right information that your business can use.

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