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Digital Marketing Considerations for Real Estate Agents

Streamline Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

The real estate industry is busier than ever, with many agents investing heavily in digital marketing practices. When you are trying to stand out from the crowd, it’s important to have a clear strategy for your online plans. Fortunately, we can help! Read on for a few digital marketing considerations for real estate agents.

Market Research

Before you begin, be sure that you have sufficient insight into your market. Whether it is on a local or national level, you need to ensure that you have a deep understanding of your audience, your competition, and any broader social, economic, and technological factors shaping your market in the foreseeable future. This research will help to shape your strategies.

Digital Branding

When home sellers and buyers are looking for a real estate agent, they’re going to be looking for someone who stands out. Your brand identity should define and distinguish you from the sea of competition, and you should ensure you have clearly documented your brand purpose, organizational values, and brand personality. These should be reflected in your website, social media profiles, and campaigns to tie everything together.

Local SEO

A great way to target your local community is to use local SEO. Through well-researched keywords, blogs, and landing pages, you can drive higher conversion rates. It will also be far more likely to rank in the search engines than a generic homepage or service page meaning that you are seen by more prospective clients.

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3 Must-Have IDX Features for Your Real Estate Website search engine bar

3 Must-Have IDX Features for Your Real Estate Website

Real estate agents, pay attention to these IDX features.

Behind every successful real estate professional is a fully-functional, stylish, and user-friendly website equipped with the best IDX features. When potential clients check out your real estate website, they’re looking for something that is informative, interactive, and easy to navigate. Real estate agents shouldn’t forget that having the right IDX features can make your site appealing to every visitor. Don’t miss out some of these essential IDX features for your real estate website.

  • Universal search bar

Make sure that your site visitors can find what they’re looking for right away. With a universal search bar, homebuyers can easily find listings by area, address, or MLS ID. If you make your website easy to navigate and properties easy to find from the start, the higher the chance the visitor will stay on your site.

  • Eureka search

The Eureka search feature is a clickable map overview of the area that shows related listing details at the same time. This is an effective feature that provides visitors an accurate visual map of the real estate properties in the area, from the price range to the type of properties available.

  • Registration prompts

With engaging calls-to-action and registration prompts, you can capture your website visitors’ contact details effortlessly. You can even customize this feature’s settings so that you can acquire the right information that your business can use.

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3 Features that Your Real Estate Website Can’t Be Without

Essential features that every real estate website needs.

If you are planning on updating your real estate agency’s website, then there are certain features that you need to include this time around.  Here are three of the essential features that you cannot afford to skip during your real estate web development.

1) SEO

When redesigning your website, you should make efforts to improve its visibility.  One of the best ways to ensure that your site is discoverable is by implementing a solid SEO strategy.  Best SEO practices include building your site on a search-engine friendly platform (such as WordPress), integrating relevant keywords, optimizing website imagery, producing original content, and so on.  By effectively optimizing your site, you can ensure that your real estate agency is getting attention from your target audience.

2) Lead Generation and Management

The main goal of your agency’s website is generating leads and converting these leads into actual clients.  This is why your site should include lead capture management tools like customizable fields and interactive maps that allow users to filter properties according to personal criteria, monitor showings, save searches, and so on.  However, simply having these tools is not enough.  You also need to make sure that these elements fit into your website’s overall design while still being prominent enough to capture user interest.

3) Intuitive Design

While the aesthetic of your site is incredibly important, web design encompasses more than your website’s graphics and other visual features.  Web design also incorporates elements like content creation and user experience.  This is all to say that a well-designed site will not only be beautiful to look at but will also be easy-to-use and organized in an intuitive manner.

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facebook page on a mobile next to a laptop Should Real Estate Agents Use Social Media?

Should Real Estate Agents Use Social Media?

The Value of Social Media for Real Estate Businesses

 There’s no doubt about it: we’re living in a tech era. Social media is quickly becoming the most powerful marketing tool available. With a proper webpage and a decent following, your real estate agency can reach hundreds of potential buyers, sellers, and partners. If your real estate business isn’t using social media yet, why not? Over 90 percent of people use the internet to begin their home search, and engaging and professional social media sites draw attention to your business. Not convinced? Here are some of the benefits of social media marketing for real estate agencies.

  • Build Your Reputation

The biggest reason why real estate agencies need to be using social media is to build their reputation. When you’re able to position yourself as an industry expert, it becomes a lot easier to attract new clients. Providing your Facebook and Twitter followers with engaging and quality content is the best way to establish yourself an authority in the industry.

  • Exposure

Social media allows both you and your clients to get more attention. Your clients can benefit by having their properly publicized to your followers, and you gain more business by getting your name out there. It’s known that both buyers and sellers use the internet to find what they want, so be sure to put yourself in their line of sight.

  • Loyalty

By making connections with clients, you can build a reliable network for your real estate business. Keep in touch with older clients and see if they’re willing to recommend your name to other buyers/sellers. In a competitive industry, people will often listen to recommendations from friends and family members.

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3 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs a Blog person reading a blog on a tablet having a cup of coffee

3 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs a Blog

Blogging for Real Estate Agencies

You’re passionate about helping clients find their perfect home or sell their home for more. But even with all of that drive and long hours, it’s hard to get qualified leads. Sound familiar? If so, your real estate agency may need a boost of website traffic to convert visitors to clients. Your agency could benefit from a blog. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to drive more traffic to your site so that you can capture clients and make sales. Take a look at why your real estate agency needs a blog on the website.

  • Improves your website’s SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a term that includes all elements (technical and creative) meant to increase visibility in search engines, drive traffic, and improve rankings. A great way to improve your website’s SEO ranking is to have an active blog that targets specific SEO keywords that relate to your real estate business and clients.

  • Shows you as an expert in the market

A blog is a great way to build authority in your market and rise above competitors. Provide your audience with engaging information about real estate processes and tips that will have them coming back to learn more. If you do this right, your blog will become a must-read guide for all sellers and buyers in your area.

  • Generates leads and increases your book of business

The most posts (and pages) a site has, the higher potential it has of getting leads. Therefore, more buyers and sellers are visiting your page, and may contact you to work with your agency. Regular blog content can help to improve your website visibility, get seen by potential clients, and increase your conversion rate.

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