Tips to Help Your Real Estate SEO Succeed

SEO Series Part IV: Tips to Help Your Real Estate SEO Efforts Deliver Results

Your real estate SEO efforts need to do these things if you want to get seen online. 

The internet has completely transformed real estate. Instead of flipping through grainy pictures in a magazine, people are able to see a wealth of high-quality images to give them a taste of a home before they even think about setting up a showing. Digital listings are shifting the industry, and it’s up to you to keep up. You can, if your real estate SEO is successful! Here are a few tips to help you get more out of your SEO efforts.

  • Keep your images in focus. The beauty of online real estate is the imagery you can easily share with potential buyers at the click of a button. But can other possible clients find those same images as easily? Each time you upload an image to your site, optimize it. That means giving it a dpi of 72, adjusting the dimensions so the picture looks clear but doesn’t slow down the load speed of your site, and putting your keywords in the alt text.
  • Look at the data. If you haven’t set up your (free!) Google Analytics account, do it now. Analytics collects data on every single visitor to your site and can give you valuable information about what is – and isn’t – working. Look over your analytics at least once a month to hone in on the right marketing plan for your real estate business.
  • Go mobile. Do you know how many potential clients are flipping through home listings on their iPads? A lot. Don’t miss out on them! Mobile-optimize your website to become visible to a broader audience. This also helps you avoid getting dinged by Google, which doesn’t appreciate sites that can’t be viewed on mobile devices.

These are just a few ideas to help with your real estate SEO. Want more? Contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California today!

new real estate website

3 New Real Estate Website Designs Clients & Designers Alike Will Love

We really love these new real estate website designs for some of our fantastic clients! Here’s why:

In the world of real estate, digital is taking over. The majority of people will check out a listing online and only put in the effort to actually visit the home if they’re impressed with what they see on the web. Why, then, are lots of real estate agents running around with old school sites that don’t even begin to represent the talent or their home portfolio? We don’t know! What we do know is that we just launched some great new real estate website designs. No – that’s not just our opinion. Here’s what makes them great.

Cain White:

Why our designers love it.

Our designers love when they get to use large imagery (a picture’s worth a thousand words, you know). The Cain White site allows them to do exactly that. And with a video on the homepage, our team had an easy time making an engaging website.

new real estate website - cain white 

Why Cain White’s clients will love it.

Have you ever looked at the MLS? It’s a mess. The Cain White site clearly and beautifully showcases available properties, showing buyers only what they need to know without anything to distract or waste time.

Scott Ange:

Why our designers love it.

The Scott Ange site is, in one word, clean. There’s plenty of negative space to keep the eye focused on Scott’s offerings, and a minimal color palette so page visitors can get what they’re there for quickly and easily.

new real estate website - scott ange

Why Scott Ange’s clients will love it.

Scott didn’t just give his clients information about the local real estate market, he also offered info about the local area in general. With an impressive Community page showcasing the best of the Conejo Valley, this site gives its visitors the inside scoop.

SD Coast Escrow:

Why our designers love it.

At Stratosphere, our designers aim to make every site welcoming. The use of large imagery and straightforward statements are a refreshing change of pace from the text-heavy sites you’ll see across the web.

new real estate website - sd coast escrow

Why San Diego Coast Escrow’s clients will love it.

We think of escrow as anything but simple, but San Diego Coast Escrow’s site promises “escrow made easy.” As a first gesture to potential clients, they offer a website packed with resources that’s incredibly user-friendly.

Do you need a new real estate website? Our dedicated web design team can understand your unique market and tailor a site for you. Look great online – call Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California today!

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